Modern day mentoring of the next leader or generation of leaders may not always look like or be what it should be. As camp leaders we spend our years (many springs and summers), that all run together, leading teens and young adults to discover their faith, work hard, build character, be leaders and follow Jesus. We set the example to follow and high expectations and then expect that they will follow. A simple exercise to determine the lessons we learned from other leaders, would be to consider each leader, coach and mentor we’ve had and the lasting effect they have had on our lives.

As an example, the man in the picture had influence in the way I now lead at camp. He took a 21 year old guy, still in Bible College, with ALL the answers and showed him how to teach and live the out Gospel in front of people! Plus work hard, get up really early, eat well and much more. Thank you Bruce Chapman!

Further, I need to thank my dad and mom, T.E.E.Greenfield (my grandpa), Jack Speck, Keith Copeland, Adolf Reiserer, John Wilkinson, Tim Duffield, Paul Whittingstall, Laurie Elliott, Neil NcRuer, Darrell Baker, Greg (Bear) Fraser, Dr. Jim Fraser, Ken Davis, Roman Kahoot and Burt Elliott (the best wagon ride driver ever), Mr. Enns, Peter Purvis, my grade 8 shop teacher, Mel Stevens, John Friesen, Bill Chapman, Howie Grossinger, Peter Bloom, Howard Knight, the whole Chapman family at Rocky Ridge Ranch, Bruce Dunning and many more!!

Who are/were the mentors and influencers in your life? I’m in the process of writing a few letters. Who do you need to thank?

2 thoughts on “Modern Day Mentoring

  1. I need to say thanks to an old friend for giving me something worthwhile to think about this week. Thanks Mike (and a big “ditto” on Peter Purvis and Mr. Enns).

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