IMG_00000066Mom’s Christmas letter arrived this week. When the Christmas letter from my parents arrives, its always fun. First I have to see how many pages it is. I think six is the most I’ve seen. This year it’s just one page, double sided. Mom must be slipping. Then I have to see how many times I get mentioned. It is very much a competition. I’m not sure anyone else knows we’re playing, but that’s okay. As our kids have gotten older, I also count how many times my girls get mentioned and when. Not to forget who gets mentioned first. This year I won, by virtue of Carolyn getting first mention. Granted, it was as part of their big move story, but I’ll take it for the win.

It’s nice to catch up on news about the friends of my parents, although I don’t send one out. I think the idea is lost on us younger generations. It’s always a nice summary of their year. Dad still does the typing using an old fashioned type writer. Some things never change. The Christmas letter is also a herald of the Christmas season.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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