After being off for the summer on sick leave, as of today, I am 73 days without dizziness. This hasn’t happened for over three years.

I am VERY excited to announce that I came back to work on Monday, October 2nd. It was great and a little strange at the same time. And, I get to go back tomorrow too.

I will be working at 60% time to start. This will be done as 4 half days and one full day a week. We will monitor things for the first few weeks and adjust as needed. My stamina and energy have been increasing over the last month and I am ready to go back to work. I am coming back into the planning season for 2018. 

Thank you to Heyoo, the Widji summer leadership team and the summer staff team for all their great work this summer to serve our many campers. 

Your continued prayer for my healing is appreciated.


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