It has been quite a year. About this time last year I began to be more affected by the debilitating dizziness that would eventually send me off on sick leave from July to September last summer. It was the first summer since I was 13 that I had not been at camp. It was hard to not be at camp. 

Being patience and waiting on God’s time along with seeing many doctors wasn’t something I was good at. I say that it took me until September to figure out where my enough line was, at which I knew time I needed to stop what I was doing and rest. When your personality is to DO, it’s hard to rest. 

I have been back to work since October 2nd, working three days per week and increasing until full time by the end of December. It has been good to be back at work. I love my job. My main struggle is that I find it hard that my stamina isn’t what I would like it to be. 

Some exciting this are coming for this summer. Check out the changes we have implemented. I’m excited about my new role and am ready for a new challenge. We are excited that SadSac will be joining us this summer as Ministry Director. We have been able to increase our summer staff pay system and will include experience and certification as merit for more pay. We have many people applying for summer staff positions and our camper registrations are ahead of many years. 

Our summer program theme is Star Wars!! And we’ll do all nine movies over the nine weeks of summer. Not a big Star Wars fan? That’s okay, Widji will continue to focus on great relationships, all camp games, chapel, fun, food and doing camp together.

I can hardly believe it’s already half way through February. Summer is just 129 days away. Will you join us? 

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