Save2Want more ways to $ave on camp fees for Camp Widjiitiwin? Excellent. Try these options:

  • Share your camp experience with your friends! You save $50.00 for each new camper you bring to camp. Bring six new friends or more & you come for FREE!!
  • Siblings each save $35.00 per week
  • Bring a group (i.e.: from church, school or team) of five (5) or more and each person saves $50.00 (can be for different weeks)
  • Stay for two weeks and save $100.00 off the 2nd, 3rd or 4th weeks
  • Pay before April 1st and SAVE 10% off your camp fee (except SALT)
  • Enter the draw for a FREE week of camp at one of our camp fairs.

To register online for Widji 2015 – click here!

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