IMG_20140703_205629On Saturday, July 19, 2014 the Muskoka Kids Triathlon will be closing Muskoka Road # 10 through Port Sydney from 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m. Plan to arrive at Widjiitiwin early to miss the road closure on your way home.

Plan to arrive before 10:00 a.m. Alternate routes are along Hwy # 117 through Baysville and Brunel road or through Huntsville. A map and directions are below.

FROM THE SOUTH: exit Hwy # 11 at Hwy # 117 just north of Bracebridge and travel east towards Baysville. In Baysville turn north (left) on to Muskoka Road # 2 (also called Brunel Road). Travel to Muskoka Road # 10 and turn west or left. Follow Muskoka Road # 10 to Hood Road and turn right. Follow Hood Road to MBC and travel through MBC to Camp Widjiitiwin.

Going home SOUTH from Camp Widjiitiwin to Barrie, Toronto and beyond: Kids Tri Map
• Take Hood Road to Muskoka Road # 10 and turn left.
• Travel East to Brunel Road and turn right.
• Travel south to Baysville and turn right onto Hwy # 117.
• Follow Hwy # 117 to Hwy # 11 and turn south to your destination.

FROM THE NORTH: Saturday morning after 10:00
• Take Highway 11 North to Muskoka Road 3.
• Exit Highway 11 and follow Muskoka Road 3 into Huntsville.
• At the second light in downtown Huntsville turn right onto Brunel road.
• Follow Brunel road to Muskoka Road 10 and turn right.
• Follow Muskoka Road 10 to Hood road and turn right.
• Almost to the bottom of the hill turn right into Muskoka Bible Centre and follow the sign to Camp Widjiitiwin

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