On the north side of the 401 at Mississauga Road was the day camp I attended as a kid. Most of the property has now been developed by GE Canada, but one section of the old road remains. I can’t remember the name of the camp. It was run by the city of Mississauga I think. I could see it from the hotel when I stayed over in Mississauga this summer. I wanted to go exploring, but there are very large gates denying access. 

We had tents on platforms to keep our stuff during the day, there was a huge log in the ground that we were old was an arrow shot Old Day Camp Entranceby a legendary Indian brave. We told ghost stories of a fog that could turn a person inside out. I remember archery, games, snacks of course and camp leaders who I thought were cool. And I remember I didn’t want to get on the bus the first few days. In so many ways it’s is similar to campers today. 

If only I knew then what I would do as a career…

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