IMG_20150116_193249I’ve gone to camp every summer for as long as I can remember. I’ve been blessed to be able to see every side and hidden corner that embodies the wonder of camp life. Growing up a son of a preacher, I was introduced to camp when my family would drive up to Muskoka, Ontario to live near Camp Widjiitiwin. My father was annually called up to be the camp pastor a couple times a summer. Memories of: hanging out on the beach, eating food my mother wouldn’t normally let me, playing games with my family (or inventing new ones), gazing at the stars and having endless learning opportunities were the bread and butter of my summer at camp.

Throughout the years I have been a camper at Widjiitiwin, took part in their Skills and Leadership Training program when I was old enough, volunteered my time to work and became a part of the staff body. I have cleaned dishes, prepared food, cabin led, became a S.A.L.T. leader and am now a part of the leadership team of 2016 as the Guy’s Chief.

It’s very easy to find out what camp is NOT about. Anybody who calls camp home obviously doesn’t come back each year for the money, superficiality, or easy living. As summers pass by so quickly, you only keep the memories of the best moments you had. I often find those moments to be the communal struggle amongst the staff in the hardest of weeks. Memories of having the ‘tough’ cabin of campers. Moments of friends or S.A.L.T. students pouring out their hearts and finding God’s true love. You always keep the memories of when God truly worked through you.

I keep coming back to camp as to work or volunteer because I feel this is a venue for Jesus Christ to really use my spiritual gifts and talents to show his knowledge, love and grace. Camp is somewhere that changes a person’s heart and mind. No matter the job I’ve been tasked to do, there are always moments of true fellowship, big laughs, and discipleship.

These are the things that have truly shaped me as a person. Without my parents total support and a wonderful camp like Widjiitiwin, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can’t wait to see what God has for me at camp this summer!


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