Widji Staff 2015As delivered at staff prayer, 7:00 a.m. on Monday, August 24, 2015

Nehemiah is in captivity in Persia when he heard about the distress in Jerusalem that the walls are broken down. This was a city’s only defense. He went before King Artaxerxes and not only got permission to go rebuild the wall, but also received, men, supplies and safe passage. He gathered the people, explained the task and they set about rebuilding the wall. Chapter 3 is about the ordinary people that each took on responsibility and did the work. Read the first few verses of Nehemiah 3. Here at Widji, I think it would read something like this.

Nehemiah 3 Paraphrase
Then O-Tegg the ropes/sports supervisor rose up to lead the service team to clean the camp from end bathrooms to sweeping the Longhouse to setting up for meals; Notch worked alongside Mybro, who worked alongside Eistein and ran the Tuck Shop with Squash & Strudel.

After him, Heratio led the kitchen team to make three meals a day for the gathered groups and Zaur and Chirps chopped thousands of veggies for the hungry people and then Bosh, Piglet, Copper and Pocus cleaned tens of thousands of dishes until they were perfectly ready for the next meal.

Then Tumnus rallied the SALT leaders to impart wisdom and skills to the SALTers for two sessions. He did this alongside Slack, Bueller, Loki, Scuddle, Zap and Mormigo. All did their duties to the best of their abilities and cried when each session of SALTers left.

Oma and Gaston, the program directors, gathered the cabin leaders to the great and noble tasks of leading activities, cabin devotions, all camp games, chapel and Widji Ball! Tut, Dribble, Butterz, Sarge, Dory, Rhino, Cheff, Giggz, Angel, Tamingo, Wii-Mo, Wallaby, Sharkbait, Palincomb, Yaaasss and Bower worked long hours and went hard beside each other caring for and loving each camper in their cabins, even to the dreaded game “Counsellor Hunt”.
When Orbit the media staff grew weary in producing video, Semi-Flow took over to provide never ending memories for campers, staff and SALTers.

Rousey painted on never ending sheets of plywood to make magical the things Moose would cut out, creating an awesome themed experience for campers.

NaNa, Ripoll, Strike and G’boi volunteered to do anything that would make camp better and special for the campers. They forged through in program, kitchen, sports and service. G’boi was given additional tasks in camp maintenance & projects.

The leadership staff each laid down their piece of the camp work: Strudel keeping all the records in order and balancing the money; Shelob cared for all the injured and gave them vitamin C and TLC when they became sick; The chiefs, ShamWow and Anyong lead the staff in to spiritual renewal with our God; Panic supported each lifeguard to be ever watchful for the safety of the campers at the waterfront; Squash worked with Moose and Strudel to ensure the safe and efficient running of Camp Widjiitiwin.

In all, each staff worked hard and completed each task to the best of their ability, demonstrating the Gospel through word and deed. They were found to be steadfast in what they believe, thinking of others and what might be done to help them, having in mind what was best for the campers and other staff.

They dealt well with the tensions of living in the close Christian community of Camp Widjiitiwin, each getting along well with the rest of the staff, working well with their peers, the campers and other staff.

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