8 Pioneer Avenue, Huntsville, P1H 2J3

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Traditional Summer Camp

Camp Widjiitiwin runs 2 kinds of camp sessions: 4 weeks of Traditional Summer Camp and 5 weeks of Ignite Partnership Camps.

Campers will experience an inviting community that cares for one another and enjoy exciting games and activities that offer opportunities for personal growth and character building. The staff will listen to the campers and care for them as they are challenged by biblical teaching and cabin devotions, then seek to apply what they’re learning to their daily lives.

Summer camp serves as the start of many life-long relationships. With this in mind, Widjiitiwin actively partners with organisations and events that continue the community year-round. Ignite Partnerships allow campers to return to a program in their community that will continue to be involved in supporting the impact of camp in their lives.

  • Day Camp Widji Style:

    Join us for most open enrollment weeks as a day camper and experience what Widji has to offer! Weekly price is $300 Including Tuck and no HST!! For more details Click Here!