8 Pioneer Avenue, Huntsville, P1H 2J3

In addition to camp-wide games and evening program events, campers rotate through daily activities and have electives to gain more experience in an activity of their choosing.



Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Archery

    Ready, aim, loose! Archers will learn the basics of nocking and loosing arrows at targets in the forest of Widjiitiwin. Instructors frequently find creativity in mounting balloons filled with paint, or other interesting targets.
  • 3D Archery

    Take archery to another level on the 3D archery survival experience. 2 Prey, 1 Scavenger and 1 Predator are found in the forest, at shooting stations, each with its own challenging approach. The rules are simple, if you miss your first shot, there's no chance for a second in the game of survival; but make the right shot and you can feed your family for a month! Campers are introduced to calorie intake and some discussions of what it would take to survive if your only source of protein was found in hunting in Canada.
  • Beach Volleyaball

    Bump, Set, Spike, all on the beach sand of the lower-field volleyball court
  • Cabin Special

    Bump, Set, Spike, all on the beach sand of the lower-field volleyball court
  • Canoeing

    Pry, Draw and J-stroke your way along the beautiful Muskoka River in one of our canoes. The Muskoka River is a part of a heritage trail that connects Huntsville, Bracebridge and other towns all the way to Georgian Bay.
  • Outtrip (SALT)

    SALT campers routinely travel offsite for activities, including a 4-day wilderness camping experience. Each night includes camping at another site on wind-swept shores after paddling and portaging through the Haliburton Highlands Heritage Canoe Trails. Campers cook for themselves in groups and camp in tents and hammocks, while enjoying pristine swimming in lakes with no cottages or civilization of any kind.
  • Crafts

    Often the most loved activity, crafts offer a variety of projects for campers to create their own items. Projects might include making a boomerang, weaving, bracelets, leather working and painting.
  • Laser Etching

    CNC lasers translate camper’s artwork into the surface of leather, wood or other surfaces. In this activity, a camper can design and etch their own creation into something to bring home, or something they’ve brought with them.
  • Leatherwork

    Introducing the various stages of leather and where it comes from, campers get to feel split leather, cowhide and furs while discussing the uses and sources of leather. With basic tools and snap sets, campers make for themselves a bracelet or fob of their own design; a lasting memento of their time at camp.
  • R/C Cars/Boats

    Periodically R/C devices are made available for racing circuits. This could be off-road, on a track or through gates in the water.
  • Extreme Hiking

    Explore the trails around Widjiitiwin’s 27 Acre property, venture beyond to the conference centre on what has come to be called “Extreme” hiking. You may or may not come back covered in mud.
  • Highropes

    Navigate the Dangula with a partner or race up the vertical playground; the high ropes course is full of adventure. Campers work in teams to belay while another camper climbs on the other end of the rope. A good opportunity to discuss trust and teamwork, high ropes elements offer excellent physical challenges as well.
  • Low Ropes

    Similar to High Ropes, low-ropes elements offer journeys into the imagination as campers attempt to cross chasms of lava or rescue a friend in need while traversing a raging river. Remove the giant’s ring and escape unharmed or swing over a crevasse with a friend while discussing teamwork and spiritual unity.
  • Laser Light Battles

    Often chosen as a cabin special, campers work in teams to protect a VIP or eliminate the other team through a series of fast-paced battles with IR taggers.
  • Climbing Wall

    Widjiitiwin's climbing wall features a chimney, overhangs and its own building facade that uses no climbing holds. Accessible, yet challenging, the wall has routes that increase in difficulty and require a variety of techniques to overcome under the guidance of trained staff.
  • Basketball

    Shooting hoops in a game of 21 or bump, or at times the whole camp will engage in a game of basketball, Widji style ;)
  • Orienteering

    Basic directions aren’t so basic if you’ve never learned to orient a map. Orienteering teaches pathfinding skills, how to use a compass and orient a map with landmarks.
  • Rock Climbing Trip (SALT)

    Scale a 80 foot rock face, rappel from a cliff and swim in a waterfall with the SALT program. Campers are introduced to rope skills, grips and braces along with rock safety when enjoying the environment around cliffs.
  • Skateboard Ramps

    Campers are invited to use one of the camp skateboards or bring their own to enjoy a series of ramps and ledges on our lower field court.
  • Soccer

    Always popular, at times, soccer games take place during rest periods or as an activity, encouraging campers to be moving and active. The nets stay setup all summer, and a game is almost always happening.
  • Swimming

    The waterfront is open every day for a free swim unless there is lightning or it gets really really cold. The waterfront has a shallow end and deep end along with water toys.
  • Water Toys

    Large inflatables are anchored off the deep end and are enjoyed in groups for a set time. These could include a large inflatable tower, a blob or other elements.
  • Tetherball

    Wrap the rope around the pole against an opponent or engage in the thrilling game of Tetherball Elimination, wherein you attempt to get the other players out without roping the ball or being hit yourself.
  • Gagaball

    An arena game, campers bat the ball around on the ground without knocking it out of the arena or being hit below the knees. There’s no catching the ball, which means it’s fast-paced and always on the move!
  • 9-Square

    Similar to 4-square, players knock the ball into eachother’s squares in an attempt to get them out and work their way to the middle square and see how long they can keep it.