8 Pioneer Avenue, Huntsville, P1H 2J3

SIZZLE - $639+tx (Includes TUCK!)

August 25-31, 2019 - An Epic Last Week of your Summer! Widjiitiwin's TEEN ONLY Week, where every day is epic! Activities include: Special Sizzle Activities, Climbing Wall, Tubing, Archery, Chapel, Special Events, NOPA dinner, All-camp games like Widji basketball and MUCH MORE!

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Sizzle is an incredible week of crazy energy at camp. Games are bigger, the Theme is BIGGER, Are you ready for one EPIC week of the summer?

2019 THEME: Time Travel
It's back to Widjiitiwin this summer as campers will TIME TRAVEL to various adventures in the past and future. We're excited by the possibilities of time travel and where each week and each day can go. Maybe we'll travel back to the 1800's, visit ancient Rome or maybe into the future, the possibilities are endless! What if we could solve the mystery of the theft of the famous Bruno Lisa painting?