Hi Everyone,

It’s Citavo (Camp Widji’s Salt Director)…Right now I’m sitting in the longhouse planning some exciting things for our SALT program this summer. Just a recap for those who don’t know-SALT or Skills and Leadership Training is a three week program for 14 to 17 year olds who come to camp and have the time of their lives!

For the past three summers, I’ve seen teenagers mature in their faith, make lifelong friends and become effective leaders through SALT.

So anyways, Moose (our Camp Director) and Rings (who is in charge of registration) are in the office, working hard. Banks (our Program Director) is making a fire because it is a little bit chilly in the longhouse. Now he’s trying to make a schedule for camp and is getting frustrated with excel because, clearly, he is not very good with technology. And Bandit (our Maintenance Head) is outside blowing leaves off the Widji road. As I sit by the fire, this brings back memories of the SALT Out Trip. This is our four-day three-night canoe trip around the Haliburton Highlands. Some of my best memories of the out-trip include sitting around the campfire with campers and staff. Often funny stories and serious stories are shared around the campfire. It’s around the campfire on the out trip that we change from a group of random strangers into a family. As we listen to each others’ stories, it’s easy to stare into the campfire and be mesmerized by the crackles and flames. Sometimes we are silly around the campfire too as we sing songs and roast marshmallows.

Well, the fire in the longhouse is dying down now and it’s almost time for lunch. But, I just want to let you know that everyone here at camp is getting really excited for the summer ahead. I specifically am getting very excited for SALT to begin! If you know anyone who is 14 to 17 or if you are 14 to 17 you should consider signing up for the SALT program. Trust me, it will be a decision you will not regret!!! If you have any questions about the SALT program feel free to contact myself or our director, Moose at 1-800-551-0168. 

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