What does my child need to bring and what can’t they bring?

Here’s a handy list of what to bring to camp!

Pick up & Drop off Times

  1. What time is registration on Sunday? Between 2:00 – 4:00 pm. The registrar will not be available earlier.
  2. When can I pick my child up on Saturday? Between 9:00 am – 10:00 am. Please let us know if you will be late.
  3. Can I drop them off a day early or pick them up a day late? – Yes, there is a charge of $75.00 / night. Arrangements must be made with the registrar in advance.


Campers will rotate through daily activities, choose from electives and participate in games, events and loads of fun. For a full list of activities click here.

Activity availability varies depending on current camp session, age group and weather.

Cancellation Policy

The deposit amount per week is required at the time of application (this is non-refundable). Only applications that are accompanied by the deposit will be processed. This includes applications to be added to the Waiting List. For cancellations prior to June 1, all funds will be refunded, other than the deposit. Between June 1st and 14 days before the camper’s week starts a refund will be issued for 75% of the camp fees after deducting the deposit. In the 7-14 day window before a week begins 50% of the camp fee is refundable after deducting the deposit. If less than seven days before a week begins there is no refund available. All Camp fees are due and payable on June 1, except for the Early Payment Discount (due in full on March 31st). No refunds are given if a child leaves early because of homesickness or for disruptive behaviour as determined by the Camp Director.

Note: As of May 19, 2020, due to circumstances beyond our control, cancellations will also incure the transaction fee from Paypal on the refund as non-refundable.

Summer Camp Handbook

This is a great resource for first-time campers and their parents.  This document covers choosing a camp, preparing for camp and for homesickness.

What you can do while your camper is at Widjiitiwin…

Relax and enjoy their time away. You have chosen a good camp. It is normal to have mixed feelings of pleasure and sadness while your child is away. You too will need to adjust to the fact that your child is away from home. You may call or e-mail the Camp Director if you have any concerns.

  • Send your child upbeat mail (one week prior to their arrival OR drop it off at the registration table on Sunday) asking them what exciting things are happening at Widji. Use the word LOVE verses MISS.
  • Talk about the activities your child will be participating in; archery, arts  & crafts, swimming, etc. You can view most of our activities here.
  • Be clear about when you will see them on Saturday and how they will get home.
  • Also, your child could write a letter home. Give them pre-addressed envelopes or post cards to send home to you. This can be done during rest period. Cards ready to be mailed can be brought to the camp registrar.
  • Care packages are also a great option for campers. Check out this board on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/widjimoose/for-widji-parents) for some great ideas for care packages and other helpful information. Note: care packages should be mailed at least by the Wednesday before your camper comes to Widjiitiwin or drop them off at the registration table.

All mail and packages can be mailed to:

<Your Camper’s Name>
C/O Camp Widjiitiwin
8 Pioneer Ave
Huntsville ON
P1H 2J3

My child has special dietary needs. What do you do for that?

All of the meals are Canadian Food Guide approved and are served buffet-style. If the meal choices that are being served do not fit your child’s needs, feel free to send along food that can be stored in the appropriate place and please label clearly. Please make sure you inform us in advance.

Peanut Allergy

Recognizing that an increasing number of campers have a severe allergy to peanuts and/or nut products and understanding the seriousness of these allergies, we have a great concern for the safety of our campers. Therefore, Camp Widjiitiwin is eliminating the use of these products from use in the kitchen, out trip meals and Tuck Shop products. Further, we notify incoming campers of our policy and strongly recommend that they do not bring foods with peanuts to camp. Campers having potentially life-threatening conditions such as peanut allergies are required to provide two sets of medication, be familiar with its use and carry the medication in a fanny pack at all times. While we are increasing our sensitivity in this area, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment.

Latex Allergy Policy

Due to the potential impact on some individuals, the following policy has been established: The diversity of the groups that come on our grounds along with the diversity of our operation here makes it virtually impossible to guarantee a 100% latex free environment Camp Widjiitiwin will operate its food preparation areas without the use of latex gloves. For all group retreats at Camp Widjiitiwin, latex allergies will need to be managed within the regular operations of our facility. We understand the seriousness of this allergy and have a great concern for the safety of our guest.

Campers With Special Needs

Widjiitiwin is not well equipped for special needs campers, but also does not want to turn them away. We accept these campers on a case-by-case basis. If a child comes that requires special care, they are required to bring a helper or friend along with them for their entire stay. Parents pay for both the child and their helper.

Privacy Policy

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