At Camp Widjiitiwin we want all our campers to be and feel safe at all times. 

Our mission as a summer camp for kids and youth is ultimately to bring glory to God and His Kingdom. In this context it is of paramount importance that our staff, campers and partner volunteers conduct themselves in a way that is honouring to men and above all-honouring to God. Therefore, all those attending are required to abide by certain standards and practices. Specifically, Widji considers the following conduct to be inappropriate in our context as a Christ-centred ministry organization:

  • Abusive behaviour of any kind (e.g. foul language, blatant insubordination, etc.)
  • Malicious acts, physical aggression or threat to the safety of others.
  • Sexual behaviour of any kind outside of marriage.
  • Use of illicit drugs
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol or marijuana
  • Criminal activity of any kind
  • Theft and fraud
  • Lying or deceit
  • Disregard for MBC/Widji policies

Participation in any of the above on Widji property will initiate an investigation and appropriate disciplinary action.

These policies are to ensure an environment where all participants may feel safe, welcomed and loved.