What does my child need to bring and what can’t they bring?

The what to bring to camp list is on the parents page of the Widjiitiwin website.

If my child is staying for 2 weeks in a row can I leave them at camp for the weekend in between? If so how much will it cost?

Yes, there is no charge. Please make sure you inform the registrar if you have not done so on the application form.

Is someone able to pick up my child at the bus station in Huntsville?

Yes, the transportation fee for pick up or drop off is $20.00 each way. Please confirm time and additional information with the Camp Registrar as soon as you have the trip scheduled. Also, each camper coming by bus MUST have a cell phone in them that we have the number for ahead of time.

Can I send in my registration form without my deposit?

The deposit is required at the time of application. Only applications that are accompanied by a deposit will be processed.

When do I have to pay the remainder of the Camp fees?

All camp fees are due and payable on June 1 before the summer you’ve registered.

What if I don’t pay my fees by then?

Failure to pay these fees by the deadline may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Can the Family Discount and the Multiple Week Discount be combined with the Early Bird Discount? Yes.

How do I get the Group Discount?

You must have a group leader who sends in 5 or more registrations together (they do not have to be the same week) with a cover letter. Only then will you get the Group Discount.

Can the Group Discount be combined with the Early Bird Discount? Yes!

Can the Group Discount be combined with the Family & Multiple Week Discounts? No.

Are there any discounts for SALT?

Yes. The sibling discount applies. The SALT program is already cheaper than three weeks at camp plus there are certifications they work towards.

Can I find out who is staying in my child’s cabin before registration day?

No, we can not give out that information. It would go against Canada’s privacy laws.

How often do they go to Tuck?

Tuck happens twice-a-day. Once in the afternoon and once in the evening before chapel. Each camper will have a selection of items to choose from in different categories including non-candy items.

Does my child have to be the age that is listed for that camp session?

Yes. Siblings and friends will have some separate programming based on age groups, but will still see each other most of the day.

Can my child be in the same cabin as a friend that is younger?

Cabins are usually arranged by age or by grade. Depending on the age difference and the number of campers that week will also determine if we can honour this type of request. Requests are not guaranteed. We encourage people to arrange for both campers to request a cabin together to ensure that the feelings are mutual.

Will siblings in Blast and TNT see each other?

Yes, there are designated times of the day including meals and free swim where campers of both programs will be in the same place, at the same time.

How many campers does Widji have in a week?

Our average week has about 75 campers.

What is the cabin leader to camper ratio?

In cabins we have a 1 to 4 staff to camper direct supervision ratio. In camp overall the ratio is 1 to 3.

What happens if my child gets hurt?

Every summer Camp Widjiitiwin hires a camp medic. This person is usually a nursing student having finished their first or second year or a standard first aider over the age of 18. In addition, we have access to a paramedic on the MBC grounds who is on call 24/7. You would be notified as soon as possible if a call was placed to the paramedic or 911.

Can I come visit my child while they are at camp?

No, this is discouraged because it disrupts camp and may cause homesickness with your child or other campers who will then want to see their parents. If a visit is necessary, please contact the camp director at 705-789-0123

Can I call my child while they are at camp?

This is strongly discouraged as it can lead to homesickness, but we understand that there may be traumatic events that your child needs to know about while at camp. Please inform the camp director in advance of this call so that we can be prepared to assist you and the camper through the situation.

When can I come visit my SALT camper while they are at camp?

You are welcome to come on any of the Sundays during the opening day registration times (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm) while your child is attending SALT. Please call ahead to see what the SALTers are doing to ensure your SALTer will be available when you plan to come.

Can I write my child letters, email or fax them?

Yes. If you write letters and bring them with you, you can leave them with the registrar when you drop them off on Sunday and the letters will be delivered to them in the week.  Mark the day in the corner if you have specific days that you would like them to be delivered. Send mail with your camper’s name clearly on the letter or parcel can be sent to:

Camp Widjiitiwin, 8 Pioneer Avenue, Huntsville, P1H 2J3

Fax to 705-789-6668 or email to campers@mycamp.ca You should be aware that if your child receives multiple pieces of mail or a large package, that they may have to sing or act for it as a camp tradition. Of course, we encourage you to do this!