Sometimes I get angry at stuff I see on TV. I’ve even been known to shout at contestants on programs, even though I know they can’t hear me. This DSC_0214week the Federal Conservative government of Canada put out an attack ad against Justin Trudeau as the new leader of the Liberal party of Canada. This one offended me. While I have never been a Liberal and don’t plan to become a Liberal or vote for one, someone in the PMO screwed this one up; suggesting that the experience of being a camp counsellor is something at which to be scoffed. It’s NOT! You can see the media here if you haven’t already seen it on your TV.

I don’t know what camp Justin attended, but it’s pretty clear that the Conservatives have no idea the level of responsibility that a camp counsellor (or cabin leader) takes on. For the week that a camper is at camp, the camp counsellor becomes the parent, mentor, leader, guide, motivator, confidant, friend, supervisor, advisor, teacher, supporter, organizer, chief, trail blazer, spiritual role model and big brother/sister. AND, it’s a 24 hour a day job with huge responsibility for the campers in their care. At many camps the camp counsellors are also the activity leaders. These brave people take on leading 6-8 campers in the cabin and teaching 10-15 each activity period. For so many it’s a way to give back for all the role models they had growing up at camp.

I tweeted the following out to our Prime Minster, Stephen Harper and my local MP, Tony Clement: “@pmharper @TonyclementCPC why would you malign Justin being a camp counsellor? That’s an honourable job to have done!” No response yet.

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