If you have any of these items and are willing to donate them or loan them to Camp Widjiitiwin, we would greatly appreciate it and these items will help enhance our summer program themes. Items can be dropped off at MBC/Camp Widjiitiwin. We may be able to pick up some items. Contact Mike Greenfield at 1-800-551-0168 or email mike@mycamp.ca if you have items to donate or loan.


  • Lego or Duplo sets, even miscellaneous pieces
  • Egg cartons (6’s, 12’s or 18’s) to paint into Lego bricks


  • Boomerangs, Australian hats,
  • didgeridoos, rain stick,
  • Stuffed Koalas, kangaroos, etc.


  • Cowboy hats and cowboy boots
  • Leather vests, belts & buckles,
  • bull whips, spurs,
  • Sheriff badges, bandanas
  • Two old saddles
  • Old wagon wheels, old milk cans
  • Toy pistols or old west style rifles


  • Tomagotchi, Nanos or Gigapets
  • Inline skates, beanie babies
  • Videos of Saved by the Bell, Recess, Arthur, Magic School Bus, Carmen Sandiego, Bill Nye or Full House
  • Pogs, 90’s Disney movies
  • Game boys, mood rings


  • Tall dressers for cabins
  • A small box trailer
  • Fans & mirrors for cabins
  • Life jackets in good condition
  • Canoes & paddles
  • Dress up clothes and costumes
  • Generators,12Kw and 7000 watts
  • pool noodles
  • picnic tables (new or good condition)
  • plants/shrubs for landscaping

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