Ignite: a partnership program with churches and organizations impacting one camper at a time to impact one family to impact one neighborhood to impact one city to impact the world!! We are reaching the world one camper at a time!

How donations affect campers. A week at camp can change the trajectory for a child or youth’s life forever. Not only does every camper hear the Gospel, they also learn from the example of Christian youth and young adults as they live out what it is like to be a Christian in front of them. 

Consider these two stories from camp

  1. Knowing what some kids come from is humbling and sobering for me. The bus driver for Escape Week told me that on her way up she overheard a conversation between 3 girls. One asked another how her house was doing. Another girl entered the conversation and asked what happened to her house, to which she replied that all of their windows had been shot out, but it was okay now because they were boarded up.
  2. Sponsored campers from Capstone banded together to raise funds for at least one other camper to be funded to come to camp. This means that we have campers helping campers help campers to come to camp.

This summer we hosted 319 sponsored campers in our Ignite program from our five partnerships. The total donations needed to sponsor these campers is $220,000, but our God is bigger than our need and He is always faithful. The donations cover all program, food, staff, cabins, busing, Tuck Shop, tubing, and a camp pastor for each week. 

You can help send campers to Widji to experience life changing ministry. For every $520 in donations toward Widji ministry programs, the full cost of non-ministry programs (meals, accommodations, recreation) for one camper will be contributed by Bible Centre Ministries. Your financial partnership with Camp Widjiitiwin is an investment in the lives of 100’s of campers and staff.

Relationships have always been at the heart of the success of Christian camping ministry and that is what most campers talk about when they get home – the friends they made & the staff that influenced them. That, plus the FUN, games, food, campfires, activities and of course the Tuck Shop. 

Help us send kids to camp through our Muskoka Bible Foundation, online donations are simple as well as through the MBC App. 

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