Here are some camp staff posts seen recently on Facebook & Twitter:IMG-20130831-00656

  • Winnie – put my Widji shirt on before a beautiful 12 hour sleep last night & it’s nice to be home, but there’s always something about camp
  • Strudel – 19 hours of sleep later…
  • Kirby – I MISS CAMP
  • Moose – The summer staff are gone, the gate is locked and is very quiet. Time for a nap and to turn my phone off for a while…
  • Defrost – Good bye camp, thank you for an incredible life-changing summer; Leaving camp is so difficult; And commence post camp crash sequence
  • (Post Camp Depression Syndrome)
  • Dwagon – Well, that was my favourite summer by far. From camp to Jamaica and back to camp. Getting a job also. Love all you Widji staff so much!; On the bright side, 291 more days until #widji2014
  • Ultra – thank you to all the Widji staff this summer for one of the most challenging yet eye opening summers of my life. going to miss you all.
  • Panic – Awed by the life changing ways God moved in my life and in the lives of all my beautiful campers this summer! God is astounding!
  • I know this year alone will go by so fast, but I seriously need to get back to camp
  • so I’m just about unpacking from the best summer of my life. I’ve made some pretty unlikely friendships with people, furthered old ones, and had ridiculous amounts of fun! I can’t wait to go back as a cabin leader next summer, and to see everybody as much as possible this year!
  • After my 3rd summer at Widji, I realized that it was probably one of my favourite summers to date. Had crazy times with new friends, strengthened already strong bonds and found a couple of friends that I couldn’t really live without. While the summer may be over, I won’t forget the incredible moments, talks and times during the summer and I will keep on thinking about all of you for endless days to come.
  • it’s weird not having to worry about how cold my shower will be. it’s weird not having to wake up before 7. it’s weird going to bed in a room with nobody else there. it’s weird eating good salad. it’s weird being bored. it’s weird waking up in a warm house. Widji 2013, i loved everything about you. Lord, thank you for camp.
  • Just got home from the best summer of my life. Widjiitiwin it’s not only camp, it’s family, it’s where you find weird people you can make fun with, it’s where everything it’s perfect. I already miss all the staff, thanks for making this summer so memorable.
  • Back from a summer with so many laugh attacks, late nights, crazy experiences, awesome conversations, unforgettable memories and most of all amazing people. Our staff has become family and I don’t even know what I’ll do without seeing each of you every day. #Widji13 you were incredible and undeniably the best summer of my life. Only 10 more months till we do it all again!
  • Most memorable summer of my life. Definitely A summer that will never be forgotten. Although i will try not to be upset about camp ending, it will inevitably happen. But the good thing about camp though is that there is always next summer. So get ready everyone because Widji ’14 is in the works.
  • Absolutely incredible summer. I’m so happy and blessed to have worked at Camp Widjiitiwin this summer and to be able to go on a missions trip to Jamaica. I have made new friendships with so many people and will miss everyone so much! I’m excited to see what God has in store for me in this upcoming year!
  • I’m home now, and I couldn’t fathom having a better summer with a new community of friends & family. Thank you all for such an amazing, truly awesome summer.
  • feels as if I’m at camp now, because I left my actual home of Camp Widjiitiwin this morning. This summer was unbelievable and impossible to get through without each and every one of the fellow staff. So thank you for making my summer unforgettable, we rocked it.
  • Words can’t describe how amazing of a summer that was. Thank you so much Camp Widjiitiwin and all our staff. You made it so memorable! We kicked butt if I say so myself
  • Widjiitiwin is the best place on earth
  • miss my camp family already. its gonna be a long year.
  • Back now from an incredible summer. I’m back in the place where I live for ten months out of the year, but I think I just left home. Widji you were amazing and I miss you too much already.
  • Heading back into the “real world”. Going to miss the perma-dirt, no sleep, the loudness of meal times, the lack of cell reception, the laughing till you pee your pants, the mid-summer breakdowns, the mess of ten girls living in one cabin, the craziness of the out trips we went on, the energy and enthusiasm for anything and everything we had to do, and most of all, the constant prayer, genuine worship, and passion to live for Christ that I witnessed. Gunna miss every single staff member and SALTer that made my summer what it was. God is so good.
  • I’ll never forget the cold showers, early mornings, showering in the lake, being a part of Planet of the Babes, being a Beach Babe, late nights, countless chapels, the campers I loved, and the others… not so much, the staff, and the memories. Camp Widjiitiwin just happens to be the best place on Earth.

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