Elaine & I at the Biltmore Estate
Elaine & I at the Biltmore Estate, NC

It’s all about relationships and they take hard work, sometimes a lot of it. And persistence and character and love and grace and mercy!

1. Elaine and I set aside Tuesday’s all summer as our joint day off. We try to get a way from camp, although my cell phone does go with me. We go on hikes, out for meals, movies, boating, camping, shopping, The Ex and Toronto Island. 
2. We started going on dates when our girls were young. They thought we were “cute”. In fact we are. Always having camp staff around made finding babysitters fairly easy. 
3. We took a two week vacation in October. The first park was with the whole family (all our girls, two sons in law & our granddaughter Olivia). The second part was Elaine and I traveling for nine days through the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Great Smokey Mountains. It was a great trip and a lot of fun. We often didn’t plan where we would stay or what we would see. It’s an adventure! 
4. It’s not always easy. Communication is hard. Words and tones can be misunderstood. Go carefully. 


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