When I worked at Camp Ambassador in the spring of 1982, I had to pick rocks from the fields before planting the grains of oats and wheat that would feed the horses over the winter. Once the rocks were picked up and tossed onto the hay wagon or stone boat, we would be dump them along on of the rock walls along the edge of a field or in a swampy area. It was hard, back breaking work and long days. It was a privilege to get to be the one to drive the tractor, even if it was just 25 feet ahead and then get back off to help pick more rocks.

As an aside, Burt Elliott was the best tractor driver there was at camp. He could do figure 8’s with a wagon loaded with campers and staff like no one I ever knew. I never did attain to his level of skill. 

The reason the rocks had to be picked very spring was because the frost in the winter season pushes up small and large stones and rocks that need to be removed before planting or it will wreck machinery in planting season. And the harvest will be diminished. Is not my life like a field that every spring needs to be picked of rocks? 

My sin needs to be dealt with, the pride in me, before the harvest will be great. Each year new rocks, like sins or issues I thought were dealt with years ago come back to the surface to be dealt with again. They get picked or pulled out and dumped, but instead of a big pile or a wall along the edge of a field, I get to leave them at the feet of Jesus and ask for forgiveness. 

Don’t let your field fill up with rocks. Deal with your sin and keep a short account of your sin with God. Ask for and receive His forgiveness.

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