unnamedHappy birthday to you! Want to do more than just accept gifts that will only last a few minutes? How about investing in a child for a lifetime? Send one to camp! Next time your child (or you) has a party, suggest that instead of gifts each person attending donates money towards sending needy campers to Widji. This would also work for office parties, retirement parties, anniversaries and more!

  • You could sponsor a camper to one of our partnership weeks (Fresh Air Camp, Escape Camp, Royal City Camp or Venture Camp) for just $445.00
  • Click here for more information about these partnership opportunities

THEN: share it on social media! Make you Facebook status or tweet: I just helped send a kid to #CampWidjiitiwin for YourChild‘s birthday! Post a picture on Instagram, etc. 

Camp Widjiitiwin – the way camp was meant to be… relational, central, natural, reaching out, a loving community focused on Christ. It’s like coming home, it’s my camp!

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