If you grew up in a Christian family and your dad was a good spiritual father/mentor to you; please don’t take that for granted. Not all of us had that opportunity/privilege. Sometimes we have to reach, seek and find those men to be our spiritual fathers. 

Before I move on, please understand that my dad is an amazing man, I love him very much and his wisdom and knowledge of SO many things has been a great benefit to me as a child, teen and adult. 

Recently on my way home from a camp fair I stopped to see a man I consider to be one of my spiritual fathers. He showed me how to teach and live the out Gospel in front of people! He lived it and expected us top live it as well. Plus work hard, get up really early (the horses ate before we did), eat well, drive a team of horses and wagon, play well and much more. He had such an influence in the way I now lead at camp, including how I do devotions with my staff. Straight from the Word! To discover what the Bible says vs man’s opinion. 

He has been a leader, coach, example and mentor to me and many others who came after me. He is generous with his time. I like that he took the time for everyone and was interested in what genuinely makes them tick. He shared his faith openly and his journey with God and it is an encouragement. I thank you for your steadfastness and humility. He has a demonstrated strength and love for God, His ministry and His people and a passion to serve. 

His leadership, wisdom and practical strength have impacted countless campers and staff who have attended Rocky Ridge Ranch, friends and colleagues for many years. He entrusted me with great responsibility and I now lead the next generation of Christian leaders in a similar way. 

I trust that he looks back and sees the amazing accomplishments and impact that he has had and the faithfulness of our God. Know that I for one am very grateful!

I wondered on my way home, was it more meaningful for him that I came, or for me that I went… I believe we both won for the visit!!

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