Every summer it is my pleasure to work with a summer leadership team of 18-25 year old staff. Summer camp is one of the very few industries where we entrust our operations to 18 to 20-something leaders and 15-17 year old staff. BUT, what a great time to be learning and practicing their leadership skills and abilities.

I like being a leader, I like teaching the next generation of leaders and helping them discover their potential. I like working alongside people to create a greater good. To be able to give them opportunities to try out their leadership abilities and even the chance to “fail with dignity” is a great privilege. I want them to become leaders not just at camp, but in their youth groups, sports clubs, schools, homes, communities and more.

Meet the team for 2017! 

  • Heyoo – Interim Director
  • Giggz – Co-Program Director
  • Colgate – Camp Admin and interning at Widji for a year
  • Pony – SALT Director
  • Shogun – Waterfront Director
  • Rhino – Medic/Girl’s Chief 
  • Tut – Guy’s Chief 
  • Butterz – Ropes/Sports Area Head
  • Daisy – Head Cook
  • Titan – Assistant Program Director
  • Cebue – Girl’s Chief 

Please pray for this team that they will have unity, energy and renewed faith. 

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