img_0387We gathered on the final Sunday morning of the summer to share what God had revealed or taught each of us this summer. That list is below. We followed this by praying for each other. 

  1. My faith will grow as I draw near to God
  2. Keep God the focus of relationships with staff & campers
  3. How to be a leader, God used each person to teach me
  4. How to be humble, focus on Jesus
  5. Bringing God as center of relationships, especially as a cabin leader
  6. Relying on God, even in small things, more than at home
  7. God works for the good, even if the way seems bad because He loves us
  8. God has a plan and He’s never wrong, why me? It’s for the campers, build relationship with God
  9. Trust God more. Before summer it wasn’t working, listening more now
  10. Not be selfish with my faith, share with everyone 
  11. The more you read the Bible, the more you like to read it
  12. We’re all here for a purpose. Encourage each other. 
  13. A lot about himself, his prayer life. Trust in prayer, big things!!
  14. Had lots of questions. Learn about Salvation. Constantly be on fire for God
  15. Prayers will be answered in different ways, can be through a challenge, become a stronger Christian 
  16. Rely on God more. Tried it on her own. Didn’t go well. 
  17. When she out of energy, patience and strength, ask God and He will provide it
  18. After guys fasting, growing stronger
  19. camp pastors talked about God having a plan, lean into that, proverbs 3, tried to do it herself, but those weeks were tougher. Let God work in every aspect
  20. Likes to be in control. You don’t need to know everything, learn about God as you go. This is such a community to thrive in, support, it’s awesome to be here 
  21. Its not about me. Campers first. Patience is tough. Knows he isn’t alone, support group helped him so much
  22. Can’t do it on your own. To be a better leader
  23. Starting camp exhausted so needed to rely on God for strength, He needs space to work, you don’t have to be constantly in everything for God to work. Confidence in Christ. Rely on him for calm, endurance, trust in prayer more. 
  24. We’re not meant to be alone, live in community
  25. Don’t worry for stupid things. 
  26. What God is about is His glory!! What does that look like? You’ll be joyful, worshiping, not us begrudgingly submitting, but joyful
  27. People can surprise you, often for the better. God used people who are so unskilled to get so much done
  28. Showing me to be the change in myself, not of this world, apply it daily, prayer, Bible reading the greater sum of my spare time, having my faith ready in my heart to spill off my tongue at any moment, 
  29. Showed what God wants me to do, like direction to help other people, use everything she has to help, 
  30. To be faithful where God has you even in the unknown and be joyful
  31. See the diversity that is unified under the cross. Love the diversity in this room, be in the moment, dedicated to that. Celebrate where Widji is going, don’t get stuck in past expectations.

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