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My Girls Wrecked Me

It used to be “my way or the highway”. It used to be “suck it up”. It used to be “its okay if you want to be wrong”.  My girls and now my grand-kids (Olivia & Logan) have wrecked me. I’ve become soft. They’ve made me mushy. I...

Happy Father’s Day!!

This Sunday is Father’s Day here in Canada. Its a day we set aside to honour our dads by sending a card, making a call and reminding them that we do love them. Sometimes we even take them out for lunch and even pay.  My dad is my example. He is patient and kind always...

If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be?

If you could spend a day with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? Here are a few suggestions I thought of: Jesus, a prime minister or president, a famous actor or musician/composer or author, the guys who walked the Emmaus road with Jesus (Luke 24:13-35), Moses or Joseph or...