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Spiritual Fathers

If you grew up in a Christian family and your dad was a good spiritual father/mentor to you; please don’t take that for granted. Not all of us had that opportunity/privilege. Sometimes we have to reach, seek and find those men to be our spiritual fathers.  Before I move on,...

Fingerprints On My Life

I find myself wondering a lot about the people who have helped form me into the person I am now. The people whose fingerprints are all over my life. The people who shaped, molded, guided and corrected me. Thanks to dad and mom, my Grandpas Greenfield & Copeland, Jack, Mr....

Things I Never Said

Things I never said, but I should have! A good man passed away in our church, everyone said what a great guy he was. I thought so too. Eldon, I looked up to you, consider you an example, even a mentor of what it looks like in this day to be godly, but never told you, I meant to...