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Weird Collections-What’s Yours?

This blog was inspired by one of the hosts on a Zoom call with fellow camp directors, including Joe Richards (aka YoYoJoe). In addition to the yo-yos that I knew Joe collected, he also have several other somewhat odd collections. That got me thinking about my collections.  I...
Mike Anthropomorphized into a Moose

40 Years as Moose

40 years is a lot of tradition. I first got my camp name back when I was 16 and working at Camp Ambassador. That summer every one new was named for an Archie comics character and since I was the biggest guy, Moose it was. It was also the year I grew my beard, though it had much...

What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?

Lately I’ve been wondering, “What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?” That’s him on the right.  Nice beard! Aren’t you glad I started it? But what happened to the colour? And where did all my hair go? I saw you on Facebook. Sure glad we...

Cooking with Moose: Zucchini Bread

Recipes we use at camp and some from Moose’s family cookbook, “That Tastes Like Home”. Today’s recipe: Zucchini Bread. This is the best way to eat zucchini!!! Ingredients 3 eggs 1 cup vegetable oil 1 ½ cups white sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 cup raisins 1 cup...

Reflections on Widji Summer 2018

Here are some of the great things to celebrate as we have been blessed at Widji this past summer. 42 decisions for Christ 84 Bibles given out Full leadership team with age & maturity (8+ staff over 20) During Royal City’s week alone, 27 bibles were given out This summer...

Warning! Moose in a China Shop…

I’ve often wondered where the saying “a bull in a china shop” came from. How does a bull get into a china shop? More on that in a minute. Can you imagine Moose or Bear or Buster or Boomer or Sherlock or Heyoo in a china shop? It has to be arms down, eyes...
Mike as a moose

Moose Update February 2018

It has been quite a year. About this time last year I began to be more affected by the debilitating dizziness that would eventually send me off on sick leave from July to September last summer. It was the first summer since I was 13 that I had not been at camp. It was hard to not...

Changes Are Coming

It’s said that the only person who likes change is a baby. At Muskoka Bible Centre & Camp Widjiitiwin we believe that, as we set our sights on our 2020 vision, we needed update our organizational structure to be ready for more ministry opportunities. The ne...

Moose Is Back!

After being off for the summer on sick leave, as of today, I am 73 days without dizziness. This hasn’t happened for over three years. I am VERY excited to announce that I came back to work on Monday, October 2nd. It was great and a little strange at the same time. And, I...
Mike the moose

38 Days – A Moose Update

As most of you know, I (Moose) have been on sick leave this summer from camp as a result of health issues (dizziness that had become debilitating over the spring months). As of today, I am 38 days without dizziness. This hasn’t happened since in probably two years. However,...