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God’s People; a Beautify Tapestry – The Church

We, as God’s people, form a beautify tapestry, called the church. When we are properly woven together by God as one, we form the tapestry God wants us to be for His Kingdom building purposes. When that happens we will perform like the church and minister to the people who...

Not My Vision

I can truly tell you that the Ignite partnerships are Not My Vision! I could not have imagined what one week with 30 campers 10 years ago could become. Back in 2008 I was just looking to fill a few more beds at camp when Bob Johnston, from SU Sportz, put Mark Gray (Toronto...

Consider the Next Seven Generations

“We should consider in all our deliberations, the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” Iroquois saying. The message of “seventh generation” living is to think seventh generations ahead and act in ways that benefit, not sacrifice, the...