Fresh Air Camp 2015

Hi, my name is Tatyiana.

Camp Widji has two purposes or main objections in my eyes.
1. To teach kids faith and hope, to plant a seed and start a foundation & 2. To keep them active and having fun. As you may know this week is aimed towards… as I’ve heard before “youth at risk”… In all honestly every youth is at risk. Ever adult is at risk. We are all at risk of any and every temptation! I guess the difference is that some people have more knowledge of God and other things and more money to keep themselves and their children out of that situation and some of us are less fortunate.

What this week aims to do is to take kids out of their less fortunate situations for a week and plant seeds of hope in them so that even without that money or that family support or whatever it is, they can find faith and hope in something. So that they have something to look forward to each year. So they can learn that whatever they’re going through… it doesn’t have to be that way now or forever.

From my own personal experience of attending camp for the last 3 years I can personally say a seed has been planted and I’ve been given hope in my darkest hours. To me camp is like God calling me back each year, making sure that I don’t forget him. It wasn’t always like this, I never understood everything happens for a reason but now I understand. Camp help me understand, God is good. You can go to sleep one night feeling at your lowest and wake up in the same situation but just see it in the best light after one prayer. Because God can open your eyes and give you peace and joy that no other person or drug or sin or thing can. God and a wonderful sponsor gave me the opportunity to attend the SALT program & honestly it advanced my life in so many ways.

The people I’ve met at camp are unreal. The counselors have even become family. I finally have a friend that I can confess sin to, someone who’s strong in their faith that I can rely on. That’s truly priceless. In today’s society it’s so easy to stray from what’s good and what the bigger picture is! I’ve done that so much. Camp is always a big wake up call for me! We often forget that our worlds & our lives, should be revolving around God, and if it’s not you’re not trying your hardest as a Christian. I learned that this week!

I’ve also experience so many new activities and watched others experience opportunities they don’t have at home! The excitement I see in kids that typically think their “too cool” is amazing. Kids finally get a chance to get off their phones; get away from their bad habits & just be kids. For some this is rare. Not just for campers this week but in general. We need more Christians, we need more people on their way to heaven and we need someone to do something about it. That’s why I’m here and that’s why you’re here.

I don’t have the money to donate but I do have the voice to tell you the difference camp can make in a kid’s life. This week gets so much deeper than just having fun and running around all day. Without even knowing these kids are being transformed. Whether or not they wanna believe in God or they wanted to come to camp they learn to give in to their conscience and they make friends with people they may not have chosen to before. This doesn’t just benefit me, or them, it benefits their communities, it benefits God and it benefits you.

To have more people doing right; this generation can only get better! As I’ve said before, a piece of paper or now plastic should not be able to hold a child or anyone back from learning faith & enjoying their summer.

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