This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. It is often about family and friends getting together. It’s the one day or weekend we pause long enough to remember all the things we are thankful for. It seems obvious that we should be thankful more than just one day a year. And we are. We give thank for meals, we thank people for holding a door, lending a hand, a nice compliment or some advice. Here are a few of mine…

  • God; for salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the Holy Spirit for daily guidance.  God is good: his character; that which disposes him to be kind, full of good will, benevolent, gracious, slow to anger, inclined to bestow blessings, the happiness of his people.
  • My family! My wonderful wife, Elaine, who has loved me for over 31 years in spite of and some times because of my quirks. My three girls (Nicole, Carolyn & Melissa) who are all amazing women accomplishing great things. My two sons-in-law (Tim & Ben) are great guys and are bringing up the male ratio. For Olivia and Logan, our grand kids who have made our lives so much fun. For my parents who chose to adopt me and love me. For my brothers and their families, Greenfield Christmas is coming up soon! 
  • Camp Widjiitiwin and MBC, where ministry happens that changes lives forever, where kids can hear about Jesus, make friends, try new activities, have fun, grow; where staff grow up, lead campers and each other, become leaders
  • Friends who are there for me, steady, faithful. 
  • Canada, were we are free to worship, pray, vote for our leaders, free health care! We live in a free country (earned my many lives on the battlefield) We get to vote
  • My church, where the Bible is preached faithfully, we reach out to our community, people have value, small groups for support and encouragement, prayer support, a big focus on missions, something for everyone. 
  • The beauty of creation. It is a marvel of God’s creativity. The Grand Canyon was breathtaking as we walked up to the south rim a few years ago. When I see Olivia or Logan and their smile, they rock my world. 
  • Good coffee. Preferably strong and black in a large mug. Currently enjoying my morning Folgers and of course some Green Mountain Dark Magic for later. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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