IMG_20140903_105543It’s the end of another season of camp at Widjiitiwin. This past Saturday was the end of Sizzle and there were tears and hugs when the campers went home. The staff cleaned up and we did our banquet and staff awards. On Sunday we had chapel and shared what God has taught is this summer, then the staff went home amongst many tears and hugs. It was a privilege to work with such a great team of summer staff.

This picture is what the Longhouse looks like today. Quiet. Peaceful. A little eerie at times. Quite probably too quiet. We’re not a quiet camp usually. Sounds I miss today.

  1. The sound of “OOOOOHHHH” (with arms in a circle) at the beginning of a meal and campers cheering to go first for a meal are missed.
  2. The sound of many campers excitedly talking all at once.
  3. The sound of staff praying for campers at 7:00 a.m. each morning.
  4. The sound of, “we’ve got some mmmmaaaaaiiiillll!”
  5. The sound of, “a wise man/woman once said”.
  6. The sound of, “Seconds”
  7. The sound of one of our camp pastors preaching God’s Word
  8. The sound of the chaos of Widjiitiwin basketball
  9. And many more sounds…

Although camp is quiet there is much to do. Stuff like cleaning up, maintenance & inventory are not a lot of fun, but planning has started for next summer. More on that in another post.

Have a great year at school!


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