Of course, the fun doesn’t stop after 5:00 pm! Dinner is at 5:30 and it is often a themed meal like Twin Night, funny dress up, one utensil, and Friday is NOPA! Then we have chapel, Tuck Shop and evening programs. 

  • Let’s start with dinner. We are revamping the menu this year but past meal ideas have included Sub Sunday, taco Tuesday, pizza, pasta, BBQ night and roast chicken (as a sample of our dinner menus). Plus lots of fixings and desserts!!
  • Twins – campers and staff try to look like each other by dressing and accessorizing the same.
  • Monk – this meal starts out quiet as everyone tries not to make any noise or say anything. It’s really a challenge to make it work. It’s amazing how loud the juice machine sounds when there is very little other sound in the Longhouse. The first one to talk does the dishes for the table.
  • Theme – a dress up meal specific to the weekly theme. Campers and staff put on all they have to become a character relating to the theme.
  • Backwards – you dress with your clothes on backwards, walk into the Longhouse backwards, eat dessert first then your main meal. You can also give thanks at the end of the meal and walk out backwards of course. Campers still have to clean their table at the end of the meal time.
  • Mystery Utensil – using any old kitchen cooking utensil available. Campers draw out of a bus bin as they enter the Longhouse. You could end up with a spatula, egg beater, tongs or something stranger. A pasta meal is one of the funniest to watch for this one. 
  • NOPA– each Friday night at dinner for Blast and Sizzle we dress up and have a nice dinner together. Almost everyone dresses up in something nice. We’ve even had a few tuxes.
  • Plus our meal time freeze game, mail call, and cheering for everything!!

Evening Programs

Chapel – Each week a different pastor is invited to teach at camp chapels.  They are also available for the campers and staff to talk with and seek counsel from. Our camp pastors are quite involved at camp taking their meals here and being involved in program. Chapel times at Widjiitiwin are a long standing tradition. As a Christian summer camp, we feel it is important to teach campers about God and to have them experience a worship service. We have contemporary music and the songs vary depending on the age group at camp. 

Field Games like dodge ball, Widjiitiwin basketball, cabin leader hunt, phobias, 4 corner soccer, slaughter, chaos, poco pack, circle dodge ball, mission impossible/Bible smugglers, huckle buckle, capture the flag and more…

Tuck Shop is open – campers (and staff) line up to get their evening snack at the Tuck Shop. They get to choose from a variety of items. 

Evening Programs

  • Guys/Girls Nights – On Monday nights the camp is divided into guys and girls and the staff run a special night activity for them. There are lots of options for them to choose from or they can make up their own event. Some programs include a trip to Widji Island, Ninja night, bigger and better, dance party, floor hockey, campfire, tribal night, 007 night, relay races, “break into” the Tuck shop or kitchen adventure, sock wars or pageant night to crown Miss Widjiitiwin. I will leave it to you figure out which ones are the guy’s verses girl’s activities.
  • Battle of the Ends – where the boys and  girls compete to show each other what they are worth. The night kicks off with cheers, (theme related usually) and the two ends have time to make up a cheer, they can also dress up accordingly and make up a dance (for extra points of course!).
  • Campfires are a big part of our program and we do two per week. On Wednesday night we do one for fun. This is the night that our day campers have the option to stay over. On Friday night we do a serious campfire with testimonies and worship. One of our favourite campfire traditions is an Elijah Fire.
  • Fruit Social – Each week we have a Fruit Social. After chapel the kitchen staff lays out large trays of fruit for Sunday night snack. While that happens the campers and staff go down to their cabins to get “ready”. The sound guys and program staff set up the lights and get the speakers humming because pretty soon there will be lots of music and plenty of fun for campers and staff. It’s a little like grade eight dances, at least when I was younger. You know when almost no one is out at the beginning and then they all dance. Usually there is a group of energetic staff that get it all going. Meanwhile “back porch” activities are setup for campers who want a quieter activity with games and artwork.
  • Mortal Combat – This event is for Sizzle only. It’s a rite of passage like the tubing and off-site trips that are just for Sizzle. Mortal Combat is a massive pillow fight competition that comes down to the last person to triumph over all comers. It happens late at night and is a long standing tradition at camp. Legends have been made by their standing or achievements in Mortal Combat. Everyone starts out at the beginning and are eliminated round by round until one champion emerges and is crowned the winner in a special location that varies each night.

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