As Thanksgiving approaches, we often pause to think about the things and people we are grateful for. It cased me to wonder, “What is the greatest gift you have ever received?”. I have a few that come to my mind. 

  • Life by my birth mother, though she could have chosen abortion
  • Being adopted at 6 months and receiving love & grace from my loving parents
  • Grace from God who gave me salvation in Jesus Christ (I became a Christian at 13 years old at Camp Ambassador) 
  • A wonderful wife of 33 years who is also forgiving and understanding!!! (so much more than you know)
  • 3 beautiful girls (Nicole, Carolyn & Melissa), 2 godly sons-in-law (Tim & Ben) & 3 wonderful grand children (Olivia, Logan & Liam)!
  • Not dying from doing stupid things like rock climbing with no harness during high school to name a few. The credit goes to God as He had things for me to do. 
  • Financial help when needed from many family & friends.
  • The church generously being the church when I was unemployed and also during my time of sick leave for post concussion syndrome. 
  • A variety of Christmas and birthday gifts from family & friends.
    • One year my dad gave me my grandpa’s journeyman’s box from the 1920’s.
    • Melissa knows I love to watch NCIS (TV show) and gave me a t-shirt with the Gibbs’ rules. 
    • The girls have a tradition of wrapping up the same hammer for my stocking each year that I stoppled unwrapping it, so the paper grows thicker each year. 
    • And many more that have been wonderful!

SO, what’s your greatest gift? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend??

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