BrunoOn Sunday I received a donation cheque for Camp Widjiitiwin. That’s not very out of the ordinary. The cheque was for $150. That’s not too out of the ordinary. It was to help sponsor kids come to Widji. That’s normal too. What you need to hear is the rest of the story…

A few years a go we had a visitor at Widji who came with her Nana. She loved camp and wanted to stay, but she was too young at the time. She also loves Bruno SO much. She wanted to go everywhere with him. One time he even showed up at her Christmas party! 

The cheque came from an 8 year old camper named Riley. She is now in her second year of TNT. She took it on herself to organize a garage sale at the end of her grandparents driveway. She sold things all day long and talked with people about camp. She raised the $150 and brought me the cheque when she came to camp. I love that she wanted to help camp succeed! Thank you Riley!!!

And that’s, the rest of the story.

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