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My name is Citavo and I love Camp Widjiitiwin!!! I’ve been coming here since I was 11 years old because I love it so much and that’s a long time! This summer, I am the director of an amazing program at Widjiitiwin called SALT. It’s short for “Skills and Leadership Training!” For those of you who haven’t heard of SALT, it’s three weeks that are filled with so much awesomeness, you can’t even begin to understand until you’ve experienced it for yourself!!!

SALT is for ages 14-17 and includes a range of activities such as a 4-day canoe trip, rock climbing trips, service days in town, Bronze Medallion training, ORCKA (canoe training), and much, much more! Of course, it also involves your favourite camp activities like swimming, Widjiitiwin Basketball, the BLOB, low ropes, high ropes, our new water slide, basketball, volleyball, Cabin Specials and even more. SALT is filled with surprises and jam-packed with fun! It is a great place to meet friends that will last a lifetime! I love the SALT program because I know first hand what an amazing and life changing experience it can be!!!

Come and join us this summer!

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  1. not to mention you’re given to the tools to possibly lead your own cabin one day! hence the leadership part 😉 an experience not to miss!!!!

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