I have been called Moose since I was 16 and was first on summer staff at Camp Ambassador, outside Owen Sound, now the site of Word of Life Camp.  Many camps have a tradition of assigning staff camp names. That summer each new staff was named for an Archie comics character. Yes, I got the big dumb jock. Go figure right. Admittedly, I was the biggest guy.

A few years later at Camp Ganadaoweh (now closed), I thought it would be nice to have a new camp name. Staff that year were being named for animals and as it turned out, bear was taken. Yup, I got Moose again. From that time on, I have owned it and made it my own. 

I once had a camper shout “Moose!” across the Burlington Mall. It was great! Having seen a couple other camp people with caricatures, I decided I would like one. So, let me intro my new Moose character. Adults, other camp directors and friends all use my camp name. 

This is the creative genius of my niece, Elizabeth McQuarrie. Check out her work at www.redheadsupervillain.com

2 thoughts on “They Call Me Moose

  1. Morning Mike / Moose
    I am likely going to ask a very odd question …
    I directed at Ganadoweh in 1986 and 1987 and have very fond memories of being there.
    It closed and wondered if by chance you might know who has purchased it? and if you have a contact number for them?
    Looking forward to hearing back form you,
    Marilyn Abraham (nee Schieck)

    1. It was owned by the United Church of Canada when I was there. I walked about about 5 years ago while in Cambridge. Not sure who owns it now, but probably still the United Church.

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