things-i-never-saidThings I never said, but I should have!

A good man passed away in our church, everyone said what a great guy he was. I thought so too. Eldon, I looked up to you, consider you an example, even a mentor of what it looks like in this day to be godly, but never told you, I meant to tell you, call you, write a note, but I didn’t. And I’m sorry about that. 

Nehemiah greets the incoming Brothers from Jerusalem and first asks about the people, then the place.

Jesus focused on the people around him whether it was the disciples, the woman the well, tax collectors or children. I cannot find any record of Jesus talking about the weather, controlling it yes, but not idol chatter. 

We spend too much time talking weather, sports, news, gossip, etc. And not about the people. We can do better. “How are you” needs to stop being a greeting and become a way of caring about and listening to our friends, family and even strangers. Be in the moment, talk to and listen to the people in front of you. Put your phone down. 

Kids and teens especially need our attention and to be listened too. Almost no one cares about what they think. Be that person. 

Finally, write that note to the person you need to thank or encourage. Call them, send an email, go for coffee or dinner. Don’t text, unless it’s to set up going for coffee. 

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