image_do-you-take-it-for-grantedWe were recently without power for 33.5 hours. I discover a list of things I take for granted every day.

  • Flip a switch and lights come on
  • Water, for drinking, washing and toilets; in the country we need power to run water our pumps; fortunately I keep 15 gallons of water on hand for emergencies.
  • Internet! We have become so dependent on it for everything. 
  • Lights, candles and flashlights only show you a little at a time. There’s another lesson in that one. More later. 
  • Heat, fortunately we have a fireplace to heat part of the house.
  • Cooking, we made use of several restaurants to sustain us and a movie for some entertainment
  • Doing laundry, our washer was locked up as soon as the power went off
  • That people will go fix the problem as soon as I need them to, quickly and on my schedule. Thank you Ontario HyrdoOne!
  • Someone who will pray for me

What do you take for granted? What should you be thankful for? 

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