TelegramTwitter is like today’s version of the telegram. Both are short and to the point. Actually, at 140 characters Twitter gives us double the amount of characters to communicate as a telegram did, which averaged 10-12 words or about 80 spaces around 1900. 

As technology of the telephone and the creation of the internet telegrams have seen a study decline falling from 211,971,000 messages handled in 1870 to 69,679,000 messages handled in 1920

For more than 150 years, messages of joy, sorrow and success came in signature yellow envelopes hand delivered by a courier.

1The first telegram in the United States was sent by Morse on 11 January 1838, across two miles (3 km) of wire at Speedwell Ironworks near Morristown, New Jersey, although it was only later, in 1844, that he sent the message “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT” from the Capitol in Washington to the old Mt. Clare Depot in Baltimore.

A courier doesn’t deliver your twitter messages and its a whole lot easier to share with and follow hundreds of people.

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