Guest blog by Shelagh Raymer, Women of Grace, Director, MBC

Written for our WOG Unearthed retreat which took place on October 12-14, 2018. 

For a while now the idea of doing something different for one of the Women of Grace retreat has been percolating in my mind.  Things women had suggested and my own experience as I attended national and international events sparked further ideas. Digging into the word, digging for truth, all images that were swirling in my mind. We are a Bible illiterate nation and we need help. If we are to live fruitful lives and see growth we need to learn to spend time in His Word.

Unearthed: to uncover or bring to light by search. Isn’t that what we need? Not just reading the Word but to understand and dig into the scripture, what it means, what is it saying to us and how it can shape our lives. With this idea in mind four words came to mind. Marriage, Mentoring, Meditating on and Memorizing the Word.

Scripture is the bread of life and through meditating on it and memorizing it we can be fed and fueled for all that life throws at us. If we can improve on these two things then mentoring younger women would be a natural part of our lives. We would feel confident mentoring because we were knowledgeable in the truth. And if we were knowledgeable in the truth we could build stronger marriages. Not marriages without troubles but marriages that can withstand troubles. 

It was a weekend to unearth the truth and spend time digging into the Word. We began Friday evening with a concert of praise with Marlene O’Neill.  On Saturday we ran four sessions: Memorizing God’s Word, Meditating on God’s Word, Mentoring and Marriage: God’s way. Saturday evening and Sunday morning Ruth Waring was our Bible teacher… get dirty and dig into His Word.

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