I’ve often wondered where the saying “a bull in a china shop” came from. How does a bull get into a china shop? More on that in a minute. Can you imagine Moose or Bear or Buster or Boomer or Sherlock or Heyoo in a china shop? It has to be arms down, eyes straight forward and hands in pockets for me. 

Here’s how Moose gets into a scary store. Say you’re walking along the streets of St. Jacob’s hand in hand with your wife and she says, “let’s go into this shop”, so in you go. At the front of the store there are a couple cute signs that catch your attention. They get your grandpa heart going. 

  • Boy, [boi] n. a noise with dirt on it.
  • Girl, [gurl] n. an attitude with a bow. 

A little farther into the store you realize that you’re into a section of lacy and frilly things and beyond that dishes and glass, so eyes to the floor you try and retrace your steps to the entrance. Coming across a couple steps you don’t remember up you go. Then you see a light, a window and the front of the store. Fortunately you only have to traverse through accessories, some pictures and a few antiques plus jewelry to find that elusive front door and escape. You find a bench and realize this is why they place benches outside shops like this. It’s for husbands and/or boyfriends to avoid the shop altogether when they are waitin’ on a woman (by Brad Paisley). 

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