11112503_993327890692224_6518992335368278932_nSpokes was our teacher for the May staff work/development weekend. Here are some notes from his talks. Spokes has been our Sizzle camp pastor for many years. 

Friday Night
God has sent the church to be the sign of God’s Kingdom in this world. If we believe in our minds that we the church are the sole deliverer to be the change in our community.

Jesus is the liberator of the oppressed, the lover of the rejected & the deliverer of the over consummerized. The oppressed, rejected and consummerized will be coming to camp this summer dressed as campers, SALTers and summer staff. We need to be God’s agent to each of these people and each other.

Saturday Night
We the church are a sign of something beautiful and counter-cultural that has come and is coming.

Jesus will judge the church on one thing & one thing only; did we make disciples or not! The church produces disciples and a disciple is a taste of what Jesus Christ is all about.

We need to be kind to each other, love each other, help each other, we exhort each other (urge them to do something), encourage each other, forgive them & live in harmony with each other! 

How am I going to be a tangible concrete example that Jesus did something crazy? To come from heaven to a dirty place, be rejected, die and be born again.

Sunday Night
Boys and girls in Israel would memorize the Pentatuch and live it out and follow a Rabbi who would watch them and determine if they did a good job. If they did they would move on to memorize the whole OT and live it out and the Rabbi would watch and determine if they were worthy to follow them. If not, they were sent back to work in the family business. So, when Jesus chose disciples he chose the fishermen and farmers. This means they had already been rejected as unworthy for someone else’s rabbinical school.

The church is an instrument for God’s love, grace and mercy to happen in this world. That is justice, peace and freedom. Good exists because God does. He spurs people on. God trusts us with the message of His reconciliation of me to me, me to others, me to the earth and me to Himself. 

@ToddAdkins: Be The Church: Be a host rather than a guest. Don’t come to consume. Come to Serve. Worship. Give. Pray. Love. ‪#‎SundayReminder‬

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