This blog was inspired by one of the hosts on a Zoom call with fellow camp directors, including Joe Richards (aka YoYoJoe). In addition to the yo-yos that I knew Joe collected, he also have several other somewhat odd collections. That got me thinking about my collections. 

I (Moose) thought I just had a couple. Turns out I have more than I planned. I collect early carpentry tools. I feel this is inspired by my grandpa Greenfield who was a journey man carpenter in the 1920’s. I now have many of his tools and his journeyman’s box (a treasured possession). At last count, I have about 55 antique planes plus many other antique tools including levels, a torch, drill bits, saws mill blades and more. This love of wood working also has a birth family connection. You see my birth father enjoyed woodworking as well. Nature or nurture? That’s for another blog…

Here are my other collections (for now)

  • I collect 1973 Canadian quarters. In that year they were struck with a RCMP rider from the famous musical ride. My grandpa Greenfield was an RCMP officer and 1973 was the 100th year anniversary of the national police. I think I have about 250 Mountie quarters. 
  • I collect nutcrackers. The smallest is maybe may 3″ high and the tallest is close to 5 foot 5 inches (with lights and sound). I have about 45 nutcrackers in my collection and a couple more get added each year. This past Christmas, Nicole made me a nutcracker that looks like me; jeans, purple Widji shirt, big belt buckle and a coffee mug. 
  • I collect pocket watches. I fell into this one honestly. I had one of my grandpas, but never used it. Then when I had my last truck accident, I couldn’t wear a wrist watch for the pain, so I took to carrying a pocket watch. Over time, people have bought me various pocket watches that hang off a chain on my belt into my jeans pocket. You know, that little pocket on the right side that no one else knows what to do with. I have about 15 pocket watches. 
  • I collect knives and swords. Boys/men and sharp things makes lots of sense right? So far, I have collected 8 swords, more than 15 pocket knives, some others in sheaths. I use a dagger as a letter opener. Not surprisingly, I really like the show, Forged in Fire. I recently added a medieval knight’s helmet to my collection. 

I have heard of people collected a sample of sand from each beach they go to. Or sea shells. Or snowmen. Or Precious Moments figurines or angels. And stamps of course!!

What’s your favourite collection or in your treasure box? 

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