likeI recently clicked the like button on the new profile picture of a friend, Jay Penner, who I worked with back at Muskoka Woods. It’s easy to click the like button and move on. I see why some people put those if you don’t notice me updates on their wall. They assume people are just scrolling by and a like doesn’t mean that much. Sometimes it means a little, sometimes it means a lot. 

This time, I should have stopped and said more, left a comment or written on his wall.

SO, what I meant when I clicked the like button is this: Jay, that’s a great picture of your family. You look happy and I’m glad for you. It’s been too long since we got to catch up, other than on social media. I do appreciate seeing your updates since we are many miles and years apart. It was a little like “Congratulations!”, a little part “thanks for sharing”, a little bit conveying “my support”, partly that I “really connected” with the picture and that I hope you are doing well. It certainly looks like it. Take care. 

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