83bb2d50381f3f889a887f63ec525ac8What if you really believed that God saw our private moments, heard our prayers, saw our generosity and rewarded us for it? 

  • What difference would it make in your life?
  • How would other people see you?
  • Could you keep doing the same things? Keep buying what you usually buy?
  • Would you pray more? For whom? About what?
  • What about your Bible? Would you read it more?
  • Do your devotions more? Serve in a ministry? 
  • Would you give more? To what? Missions, a Christian camp, or maybe your church?
  • What about church? Would you go more, teach Sunday school, usher, work on the tech team? 
  • What about your neighbours? Would you share Jesus with them? Would you be afraid to? 
  • And what about sin? Would you keeping sinning as much? 

So, what if you really believed what you say you believe

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