NASA's Cosmic 'Winter' Wonderland; Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
NASA’s Cosmic ‘Winter’ Wonderland; Chandra X-ray Observatory Center

What makes you marvel? To marvel by definition means: 

  • To be filled with wonder or astonishment or admiration.
  • A wonderful or astonishing person or thing. 
  • Things that make you say WOW!

Things that make me marvel… 

  • The Grand Canyon (the first sight literally stopped me in my tracks) 
  • An amazing multi-coloured sunset (especially if it has purple in it)
  • When each of my kids and grand-kids were born
  • Magicians & illusionists (I want to know how they do those tricks that make me see or not see what I’m looking at)
  • The sun shining through dark clouds 
  • The wondrous colours of trees in the fall in Muskoka
  • The power and force of running water and rain (must be why I like waterfalls) 
  • Being on a cruise and looking out at only ocean (made me feel very small) 
  • Pictures of far out galaxies and stars like the one pictured right
  • People who can work with mechanical machines. If it’s not wood, I’m out. 
  • The architecture of old buildings and how they were created with hand tools, winches and leverage
  • Movie special effects (insert Marvel, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Disney, Star Wars, etc.) 

***Here’s the thing that causes me to marvel the most. I am amazed and astonished that the God of the universe would even care about man, but that he would come down to earth, put on flesh as a man, live, be crucified and die for us taking our sins on His body, be forsaken by the Father and on the third day be raised to life to give us salvation and everlasting life. AND – Jesus loves me. Me!! With all my faults and sin. And He loves you too.

Marvel, ponder, wonder and meditate on that for a while this week. 

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