Lately I’ve been wondering, “What Would My 16 Year Old Self Would Say to Me?” That’s him on the right. 

  • Nice beard! Aren’t you glad I started it? But what happened to the colour?
  • And where did all my hair go?
  • I saw you on Facebook. Sure glad we didn’t have that when we were in high school. Imagine all the stupid stuff people would know. And mom will never know. 
  • I think it’s really cool you followed God and our dream of working in Christian camping. 
  • Hey, remember that girl you kissed in the center lounge at Camp Ambassador as a camper? Yeah, me neither.
  • 16 was our first summer on staff at Camp Ambassador. We first got the camp name Moose (named for the Archie comics character). That’s stuck for 40 years now. 
  • It’s kind of amazing you lived through all the stupid things you tried. God must still have work for you to do. 
  • So you got married. Elaine is great!
  • You have three great girls (some sense of humour God has after growing up in a house of 4 boys).
  • And three grand-kids! WOW! That’s cool. Which one is your favourite? 
  • Did you ever tell dad about… yeah, never mind. 

If you got a message from your 16 year old self, what would it say?

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