Now that my high school, Lester B. Pearson in Burlington, has closed, I’ve been wondering what I would tell myself going into grade 9. Here is the list I came up with. 

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Remember that weight is just a number on a scale and it in no way defines you. Plus you’re tall and that goes a long way. 
  • Skip that last flip on the spring ski trip with your brothers in 1980. The concussion isn’t worth it!
  • Skip the beers on the music exchange trip to Huntsville. It doesn’t have any effect anyway.
  • Be ready to follow your dreams, even when others don’t understand. What you will do at camps will impact SO many people! Plus you’ll see the look on the face of the guidance counsellor when you ask about becoming a Christian camp director. 
  • Even though you don’t like English class, you do a lot of writing in your career. Pay attention. Math is good. You use that a lot too, but not trigonometry. 
  • Take a typing class. It will seem useless now, and you can pay girls in college to type your papers, but when you get a personal computer/laptop it will be invaluable. Computers get a LOT smaller than that room at Humber College. And no punch cards!!
  • Be kinder to mom. Just do it! Your wife (yes, you get married) will eventually tell you the same thing.
  • Tell dad you love him. It’s true and will mess with him. Hugs will come later.
  • Carry over from grade 8 – hitting that one guy was a big confidence boost.
  • Kiss a few more girls. 😉
  • Be more confident. You have lots to contribute. 
  • Stay in touch with more friends from high school and college.
  • There were some great teachers at Pearson.  Peter Purvis, Mr. Enns, & Mr. Rogozinski. Especially Peter!! 

What advice would you give your grade nine self??

1 thought on “What Would You Say to Your Grade 9 Self?

  1. I would say that every single day is so very important. Funny you should mention Mr. Rogozinski. He made a HUGE impact on my education – and caused me, despite myself, to love chemistry. I was in grade 10 of the first year cohort that year. We had great teachers, indeed.

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